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Advancements in Cellulose-Based Packaging: Enhancing Barrier Properties and Mouldability

08 Nov 2023
Sustainable Materials and Chemicals
Cellulose-based webs, like paper and board, offer strength and stiffness from renewable resources, making them an ideal packaging material for several applications. While papers traditionally have lower barrier properties and limited 3D shape conversion compared to plastics, we have developed two innovations to improve both aspects. In this presentation we introduce novel recyclable barrier solutions. These bio-based multilayer coatings exhibit good oxygen and water vapor barrier properties, making them ideal for packaging dry or greasy food. They are also heat sealable, and recyclable offering an opportunity to reuse them again as fibre-based packaging raw-material. We also introduce highly extensible and moldable cellulose-based webs. You will learn how through careful selection of raw materials, mechanical and chemical treatments, and maximising shrinkage/compaction, we have successfully manufactured boards with exceptional extensibility capability. This advancement enables the creation of steep and complex shapes using existing thermoforming processes.
Kristian Salminen, Lead, Bio-based products - VTT
Ulla Forsström, Principal Scientist - VTT