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Panel Discussion - Photochemistry As Key Enabler For A Sustainable Chemical Industry

08 Nov 2023
Reducing Manufacturing Emissions

The panel discussion will focus on the transformative potential of photochemistry in various facets of the chemical industry. It highlights the role of photochemistry in producing fine/specialty chemicals, platform chemicals, and synthetic fuels, as a key driver in transitioning from fossil-based to sustainable energy and feedstocks. This resurgence in interest is attributed to visible light photoredox catalysis, energy efficiency, and the desire to harness sunlight directly for sustainable chemical processes. The text underscores the advantages of using microflow reactors with artificial light sources for fine/specialty chemical production, such as improved photon flux, shorter reaction times, and reduced side-product risks. Additionally, it discusses the use of sunlight for platform chemical production, showcasing innovative approaches like CO2 and green H2 conversion to fuels and carbon monoxide for methanol production. The panel aims to explore the broad potential of photochemical processes, including their impact on the chemical and energy sectors, economic viability, continuous flow applications in fine chemistry, and opportunities for high-tech industries in terms of equipment development.

Pascal Buskens, Principal Scientist - TNO
Charlotte Wiles, CEO - Chemtrix
Kai Risthaus - DLR
Remko Detz, Scientist - TNO
Saurabh Tembhurne, CEO & Founder - SoHHytec