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Enabling consumers choice by a holistic circularity index - why circular content alone is not sufficient to push for a circular economy

08 Nov 2023
Reducing Manufacturing Emissions
There is no doubt about the ambition of fully closed loop circular economy. For consumer goods we are today quite far away from it. Simple indices like for example the content of mechanical recyclates or the content of biobased materials are neither sufficient enough to close the material loop nor supporting the way to a net zero circular economy nor combing several aspects within one single indicator. The presentation will give several examples for misleading indices.
In order to enable consumers to make the right choice and comparing different offers it needs a harmonized but holistic circularity index which combines circular content with energy efficiency of the making and the footprint of the respective product. The presentation will propose such an indicator which can be used by all manufacturers to guide consumers with an easy scoring and will support technology development and innovation to move into the right direction.
Thomas Mueller-Kirschbaum, Chief Scientist - Circular Valley