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Implementing the Single Use Plastics Directive in the Netherlands: choices, dilemma’s and lessons learned

08 Nov 2023
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
Since 1 January 2023, the rules for single-use plastic products and packaging are further tightened. In the first phase, the European Single Use Plastics Directive was mainly about the ban on disposable products such as straws, plates and plastic cutlery and about the marking that must be applied. The next phase of extended producer responsibility is focused on single-use plastic packaging for food and drinks. The implications of the SUP directive for the packaging industry, retailers and catering are far-reaching, both practically and financially. Which packaging exactly fall under the directive? Where is the content of the packaging consumed? Has the packaging the tendency to end up as litter? The answers are influenced, among other things, by the volume and the number of portions that a package contains. To provide more clarity, Partners for Innovation advised on the development of an assessment framework for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. This innovative framework contains decision trees, definitions and numerous examples for form-retaining food packaging, bags and wrappers, drinking cups and beverage packaging. During his presentation Siem Haffmans will share his technical and practical knowledge on these issues and dive into the day-to-day dilemma’s the industry and the supply chain are facing. The lessons learned from the Netherlands can be an interesting starting point for the Q&A session with input of the approach in other European countries.
Siem Haffmans, Strategic consultant Circular Economy - Partners for Innovation, the Netherlands