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Microplastics in the Environment: An Emerging Global Issue and How Industries and Regulators Are Tackling it

08 Nov 2023
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
The abundant presence of tiny fragments of synthetic polymers, which are insoluble in water, degrade very slowly and can easily be ingested by living organisms, has raised significant concerns about their general impact on the environment and potentially on human health. Microplastic pollution is caused largely and unintentionally by fragmentation - the wear and tear and washing of different products. However, microplastics are also manufactured to be used as such or added to products. 
To tackle microplastic pollution, the European Commission has been working on several measures to reduce the discharge of macro- and micro-sized plastic debris as part of the European Green Deal, the new Circular Economy Action Plan and the Zero Pollution Action Plan. Despite being welcomed, these measures present major challenges across industries.
In this context, this session will explore:
•    An overview of the regulatory measures being developed and implemented by the European Commission
•    The impact of the new measures on different industries, as well as key opportunities and challenges
•    Industry-specific best practices and lessons learned
Evelyne Keller, Principal Consultant - Anthesis Group