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New bioeconomy and circular approaches for the development of new sustainable raw materials for the textile industry 

09 Nov 2023
Sustainable Materials and Chemicals
From nature to people, in a circular and sustainable way. With the motto of bioeconomy, Project be@t aims to revolutionize the textile and clothing industry by developing solutions that empower traceability, digital transparency, decarbonization, ecodesign, ecoengineering and zero waste along the entire value chain, from raw materials to retailers. Supported on four key pillars - Biomaterials, Circularity, Sustainability and Society - the project aims to create new processes and textile products with improved environmental credentials, by using biobased renewable raw materials from the forestry and agro-food sectors; to boost the reuse of fibers (pre and post-consumer) through optimized recycling processes and reintroduction in new natural and/or synthetic fibers; to explore innovative ecodesign and ecoengineering approaches to ensure the circularity of textile products; and, ultimately, to encourage social awareness of consumers and all market stakeholders. The be@t consortium brings together 55 entities, including R&D organizations and industrial partners (SMEs, LEs and others) that are key players in the Textile and Clothing sector in Portugal, committed to setting a new pace of change to shift the sector towards new sustainability metrics, synergy between industries and an environmentally friendly culture of responsible consumption. The speaker acknowledges the financial support from integrated project be@t – Textile Bioeconomy (TC-C12-i01, Sustainable Bioeconomy No. 02/C12-i01/202), promoted by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), Next Generation EU, for the period 2021 – 2026.
Juliana Oliveira, Functional Materials Researcher  - CeNTI - Centre for Nanotech & Smart Materials