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From waste to worth: Redefining plastic could be our richest opportunity

08 Nov 2023
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
We’ve had it all wrong. We have been viewing plastic as a disposable material, a waste that plagues our ocean, planet, and communities. But plastic is not the problem, it is us and the way we have been treating it. For David Katz, it is time to embrace a paradigm shift and view discarded plastic for what it truly is – a resource that can transform lives. In his talk, he will share how humanity can reveal value in used plastic and close the loop in the circular economy through Social Recycling – a movement that stops ocean plastic and empowers collection communities across Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa to find a path out of poverty. He will also touch upon how each of us can become the change we seek in the world through perpetual behavioural change, which brings the mindfulness of recycling in what we purchase, how we use it, and how we dispose of it. Rethinking plastic could be humanity's richest opportunity. Learn from David how you can become a changemaker and help enliven a wasteless world.
David Katz, Founder - Plastic Bank